Intellectual Property


In 2013 Juridica acquired a stake in ipCreate, Inc. through a direct equity investment.

ipCreate, Inc. is an intellectual property (IP) creation, acquisition and development company. It utilizes a proprietary targeted invention process to invent new products with commercial value and to protect existing inventions. In addition, ipCreate utilizes a proprietary process designed to identify, acquire and develop IP aligned with a business strategy that is based on knowledge of a given technology space.

The core of its strategy is an active IP creation process that is both systematic and strategic. ipCreate’s value focus encompasses the following general criteria:

  • (a) Strength of current foundational IP assets,
  • (b) Identification of a broad evidence-of-use or a critical future need,
  • (c) Development of an IP strategy to create new IP to add incremental value, and
  • (d) Resulting IP portfolio with strategic value to large market participants, enhancing its ultimate market value.

Based upon these general criteria, ipCreate’s proprietary platform will attempt to identify, evaluate and acquire patents that are undervalued as part of its overall active IP creation and augmentation process. It's revenue model is comprised of consulting service revenue, advisory fees, equity participation, management fees and value realized from the sale, license, spin-off, M&A and joint venture activities.With JIL, this expands to include possible litigation of ipCreate developed or acquired patents.

Juridica’s stake in ipCreate makes possible an array of strategic benefits independent from and in addition to the stand-alone projections associated with its minority ownership in this growth business. These benefits include:

  1. Additional and Alternative Investment Exits: leveraging ipCreate’s in house expertise and technology to consider exit opportunities spanning licensing, sales, and micro-cap listings for both present and future JIL-funded patent investments
  2. Access to Cutting Edge Technology: complimenting and enhancing the legal basis for current and future JIL patent investments by incorporating hard data and industry statistics behind the legal arguments.
  3. Enhanced Monetization Strategies: driven by market knowledge including: (a) technology business value and (b) relationships with potential buyer, licenses and defendants
  4. Provides potential leverage and access for JIL - funded patent investments
  5. Enhanced Souring: ipCreate can provide JIL a healthy pipeline of patent holders/law firms interested in litigation